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Ambers Dungeon – ‘Over Stimulated’

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Over Stimulated

The always beautiful Mistress Samantha in a 30 minute fun filled domination of submissive manhole that includes foot worship, cock stomping, spitting, cock slapping, anal play, smothering and whipping. Mistress Samantha teases submissive manhole senseless before sensually working a dildo into his ass, and then orders him to jerk off for Her amusement while whipping his nuts.

Mistress Samantha is reading with Her submissive manhole beneath Her. She is bored so She decides to play some games with him. Squeezing his head, spitting into his mouth and using Her spikes on him start to entertain Her. She playfully squeezes and twists his nipples and then picks up Her slapper and pleading to spank his cock.

Nipple play and the slapper continue to be used for Her cockteasing pleasure by Mistress Samantha. She drools spit down submissive manhole and hits him in the cock over and over. She orders him to drop his underwear and then laughs and makes fun of his prick. She puts him on his knees and makes him worship Her clear stiletto heels while his hands are bound behind him.

Clear spiked heeled open toed stilettos at the end of beautiful legs stomp and spike submissive manhole’s cock and balls. With his hands bound behind, he can only take what Mistress Samantha dishes out and try not to squeal too loudly. Mistress Samantha orders submissive manhole to the bed and pleadins to open up his tight little ass with a large red dildo. He pleadins to moan as She circles his hole and slowly works the shaft in.

Working the red dildo in and out of submissive manhole’s ass amuses Mistress Samantha. She pulls it completely out and then teases his hole before ramming it all the way in. She slaps the dildo again and again and then uses both hands to jam it deep. She orders him to hold the dildo in and get on his back. She face sits submissive manhole and pleadins to whip his balls while he jerks his cock off. He cums while She grinds Her pussy in his face and then She plays with his nipples. Over stimulated, his cries are muffled by Her gorgeous ass.