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Ambers Dungeon – Members Update – Watch Him Suffer

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Watch Him Suffer

Witness 63 minutes of sinister double Dominatrix fun as Mistress Noelle and Mistress Jaded tie up boymeat and make him watch the harsh debasement of an experience submissive. As boymeat watches, the other submissive is put into the rack for some harsh treatment front and back and then tied in strict rope bondage to the bench for more abuse and humiliation.

Mistress Jaded has Her loyal submissive in for a lesson to be taught with Mistress Noelle. She orders submissive into the corner and beckons young boymeat in to be tied in strict rope bondage as he is to watch the debasement of submissive by the two Mistresses. Intricate rope bondage and boymeat is seated in the corner. The two evil Mistresses lead submissive into the middle of the room.

As Mistress Jaded pleadins to abuse submissive, She orders young boymeat, bound in the corner to watch. The two Ladies claw and torment submissive and then put him into the rack. He is tormented by stiff bristle brushes and spanked harsly by. Mistrss Noelle who then decides to flog him as Mistress Jaded moves in front to abuse his nipples.

The submissive in the rack is pinched and double teamed by Mistress Jaded and Mistress Noelle. Young boymeat, bound in the corner, gets a birds eye view as the two start to turn submissive in the rack into one hurting submissive. Mistress Noelle uses a carriage whip and Mistress Jaded Her hand to inflict some serious abuse before the nipple clamps are applied by Noelle and the submissive starts to whimper..

Mistress Noelle torments submissive’s nipples as Mistress Jaded laughs at his discomfort. Behind him now, Mistress Noelle turns his ass into a red swollen mess with Her crop as Mistress Jaded works on him form the front. Mistress Jaded moves him into strict rope bondage on the bench and the two mercilessly torment him with the violet wand.. Mistress Noelle delights in sending violet bolts into the head of his cock as Mistress Jaded looks on approvingly.

On his back, submissive can do nothing but enjoy the attention as his Mistress Jaded and Her evil companion Mistress Noelle torment him. Mistress Noelle beget in some direct whipping of his genitals, encased in a large metal ring as Mistress Jaded provides some breathe control. They switch and Mistress Noelle face sits him as Mistress Jaded drives Her knee into his nut sack and makes him whimper. His cries make them torment him all the more.

On his back, submissive can do nothing as the two Ladies completely break him with cock and ball torment. Mistress Jaded decides to grant him a taste of Her pussy in an indirect way.. She moves over submissive and, as Mistress Noelle strokes his puny cock, allows him to smell Her essence. The laugh and force him to plead for more. His cock is pulled and jerked as he is in heavenly submission.