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Ambers Dungeon – Members Update – ‘Screaming Inside’

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 Screaming Inside

Mistress Jade tests the limits of pent up slave tosha in this 45 minute film on how a Mistress can psychologically help with bottled up feelings in a submissive. A slow sexy ramp up as  Mistress Jade goes shoe Goddess and tosha worships at the alter of Her heels. Oral worship and then a sharp focus on his big ball sack leading up to some great corporeal punishment as the most beautiful Mistress has Her model quality face composed and happy in Her process of breaking him completely at the end.

A slow sexy ramp up as  Mistress Jade goes shoe Goddess and tosha worships at the alter of Her heels. His tongue scrapes every bit of dirt from Her 8” pumps and then he is allowed to worship Her nipples with the tip of his tongue. Down to the floor he goes for some rough kicking and then, another reward round, he is allowed to rim and suck Her delicious brown eye.

Mistress Jade made tosha finishes tonguing Her succulent wrinkly brown puckered asshole and turned to spread Her pussy lips in his face. She made him watch Her finger Herself open and beg to lick. She allowed him to orally worship at the alter of Her wet femininity until She orgasmed loudly. Now next on his stomach, Mistress takes out Her sadistic impulses with a heavy leather spanker. Tosha, with ass highlighted by his garters and corset is the target for Her aggression. She spanks him soundly and then switches to a thin cane

Durable submissive tosha is beginning to feel the effects as Mistress Jade breaks the cane on his ass and turns it around and keeps hitting him without pause. She ties his big balls up and targets them with the whip. To make it more difficult on his balls, they are tied up and strung to the ceiling. Mistress uses them for kicking practice and then whips the back of the whining slut’s balls exclusively. With his balls flailed but good, Mistress Jade produces the stout wooden paddle. She holds the leash of Her masochistic partner as She uses the paddle to generate resounding snaps against his red ass.

Standing tall on Her 8” black pumps, Mistress Jade grinds the sole of Her shoe against the rapidly moving tongue of the bent submissive. She give his ass a bit of time to cool as She makes him suck Her high heel and tongue and worship at the alter of Her pumps. She then uses both whips simultaneously to thrash his ass. Harder and harder She strikes before picking up the wicked waffle slapper. It hisses thru the air and further inflames his bruised behind. She is ordering him to scream but he cannot seem to release his voice. She applies the solid wooden heavy paddle in a final frenzy as he croaks out his yell. The plate She has been spitting into is handy and She raises it and has him lick up the pools of Her spit on the heels of his scream.