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Ambers Dungeon – Members Update – ‘Princess of Pain’

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Princess of Pain

Witness 61 minutes of Mistress Gia in action as She has jack completely tongue clean the bottom of Her boots after ridiculing his manhood. She then flogs his back and spits down his throat before putting Her princess tiara on and utilizing him for amusement while hung upside down from the steel winch.

Mistress Gia makes fun of jack’s little penis, using Her boot to feel about for it. Her boot rubs harder and harder and then kicks him repeatedly as She belittles him verbally about his shrunken and useless penis. She sits down and stretches out in front of him and then slaps his face repeatedly as She berates him. Moving behind him, Mistress Gia snaps handcuffs on his hands so they remain behind his back and then resumes slapping

Mistress Gia worked jack over good with Her boot heels, tweaking and twisting his sensitive nipples. She then commanded him to start cleaning the bottom of Her boots with his tongue. He was made to very thoroughly clean the bottom of Her right boot and, after some checking and admonishment for missing a spot, had him clean the right boot bottom. Having cleaned the bottoms, he was made to work his tiring tongue up the from the bottom and clean the entire boot as She stretched and belittled him. For his good effort, he was used as a foot rest and whipped.

With Her whip snapping and cracking on his back, and the taste of Her boot bottoms in his mouth, jack humbly took all that Mistress Gia could give him and thanked Her profusely for the honor. Mistress Gia decided to treat Her little pet to some special saliva treatment and ordered him to his back. Her spiked heels held his mouth wide as She leaned forward and dribbled wad after wad of slimy spit down jack’s throat. She allowed him to suck Her heel like a little cock and laughed as She felt his throat constrict, swallowing all Her spit.

With Her tiara perched on Her head, Mistress Gia allowed jack to worship Her feet. Acting very much the princess while jack treated Her feet like royalty, She imagined Her little toe sucker under Her now clean peds and, presto, before you knew it She was stomping the little shriveled submissive under foot. Her dainty foot covered his mouth to seal it as his ribs cracked and he moaned loudly. She moved around and inserted Her foot deep down his throat, giving him a beautiful view from below the evil Princess.

Princess Gia sat heavily on Jack’s whimpering face to shut him up and cropped his belly. She donned a red strap-on with a black cock jutting jauntily from Her hips and ordered the now handcuffed submissive to gaze at it and plead to suck Her cock. She allowed him to suck and he greedily inhaled the entire dildo down his throat, much to Her amusement. He gagged, drooled and coughed as he completed giving Her a big sloppy blowjob. She winched him almost upside down for his efforts and punched and kick him.

Mistress Gia stomped jack’s head and kicked him in the face repeatedly with Her 7” red stiletto heels. Loud thumps and moans from the anxious hanging little slut pleased Her enormously. She decided to apply some corporeal punishment in the form of a red whip and then a very heavy leather strap. His crying increased and She allowed him to suck Her heel as he took the last of Her beating. Perched on his face, She twisted and tormented his sore nipples. For a finishing touch, the evil Princess made jack jump with some hot matches to his behind.