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Ambers Dungeon – Members Update – ‘Pleasing Mistress’

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Pleasing Mistress

Mistress Mika spends 40 minutes of quality time with slave marco. His face turns into a dildo for Her to fuck and he is beaten hard for his troubles. Her pussy is so wet She is able to spoon feed pussy juice into his mouth from Her sopping wet hole. He gobbles it down hungrily and then She administers a wooden paddle to his ass while he still has the taste of Her in the back of his throat

Mistress Mika takes control of slave marco for a day of punishment as he serves and pleases Mistress Mika. Mistress Mika exposes her hot pussy to slave marco with his head restrained and suspended. She torments him with her spiked heels pressed deeply into his thighs. Then a hard slap across his face followed by more until he’s begging for mercy. Mistress gives slave marco a bit of pleasure, allowing him to feel her wet pussy through her panties as she drives his face in.Then without warning Mistress Mika swiftly kicks slave marco in the balls and tells him to quit his squirming and screaming.

Mistress ties slaves cock and balls until they turn a hot shade of purple. Then tells slave marco to smell her sweet ass as she prepares to stomp on his cock and balls. Squatting down as Mistress Mika faces her slave, she rips into slave marcos chest and nipples with her nails. Mistress continues the torment until her slave begs for mercy. Mistress Mika removes her wet smelly panties as she prepares to clean the hot cum from her pussy.

With slave marco still restrained she slowly slides the spoon deep in her pussy. Pleasing herself with the cold metal as her slut watches. Mistress pumps her hot pussy, twisting the spoon deep inside her. Then she slowly pulls it out full and sweet smelling. She orders slave marco to open his mouth as she feeds her cum to his sorry ass.She begins his punishment. Mistress Mika cracks her hard black cane across her slut’s bare flesh. He screams as she laughs and spits in his face.

After spoon feeding slave Marco her sweet cum, Mistress turns and has her slave worship her ass, cramming his mouth in deep then releasing her slut as she begins his punishment. Mistress Mika cracks her hard black cane across her slut’s bare flesh. He screams as she laughs and spits in his face. Mistress places a hooded strapon on slave marco’s face, telling him its time to please Mistress Mika. She squats in front of slave marco and begins to face fuck him. The big cock strapped to his face being pounded deep in her. Mistress Mika stands as slave is on his knees; she turns and drives the big cock in.

Mistress Mika continues to please herself with the cock strapped to slave marco’s face. Then a sharp loud slap across slave’s ass from the wooden paddle. Mistress Mika again preparing her fuck slave that has been fucked, abused and used for her pleasure. Mistress telling him its time for his monthly milking. But first she wants to see his ass red hot from her paddle. Slave marco begs her to stop as he screams in torment. Mistress grabs his cock and balls squeezing and stroking him. Mistress telling her slut he with ask for permission to cum. That he will be swallowing his nasty smelly cum. CLICK HERE TO GO TO AMBERS DUNGEON