Bisex, CBT — May 1, 2012 1:36 am

Ambers Dungeon – Members Update – ‘New Bisex Boys’

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New Bisex Boys

Mistress Addie conducts a 28 minute educational session where two new submissives explore their bisexual leanings. This involves cock sucking, hand jobs and the receipt of Her hard rubber cock up one of their asses. The hard bodied Dominatrix finds a great deal of amusement in watching their feeble fumbling generate an awkward chemistry between the two bisexual pansies.

Mistress Addie presents Her cock to slave smoothy and the hairless pansy starts sucking immediately. The other, soon to be cocksucker, sits in the CBT chair, his tiny cock and balls yanked and tied through the chair’s hole. The cock being sucked will soon be in his ass but, before taking strap-on, the tall one must lay beneath the balls of his partner and use his hand to stimulate him as Mistress Addie supervises.

Mistress Addie positions the tall, hairless white submissive over the table and fucks him with Her rubber strap-on cock. She smacks his ass and leans in as his feet jerk up and down to the tempo of Her fucking. He makes Her happy as his virgin hole is penetrated and She smiles. Now he is strapped to the bondage chair and the other virgin queer is told to get to his knees and spit on his hand. He begins to stroke his partner as Mistress Addie orders him to worship Her high tight natural breasts. This distraction makes his flesh tube stiffen and Mistress Addie swings one nylon covered leg over him to straddle him, thus presenting Her perfect ass to the one that is giving attention to the cock.

Now the new bisex boy rolls a condom on the stiff cock of his chair bound partner. He is ordered to kiss the perfect ass of Mistress Addie that is in his face and then suck the stiff cock beneath. Mistress Addie hops off  the bound fag and insures that the two new bisex boys are working hard to learn how to interact. She holds the head of the one on his knees and makes him gag a bit to show him how to swallow a cock. Swinging back up on the seated fag, She supervises some more from above. Neither queer is allowed to ejaculate in this first training session.