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Ambers Dungeon – Members Update – ‘Look At Him Shake’

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From years back with Mistress Noelle and Mistress Jaded, two Dominatrixes I met at Eve Minax’s monthly socials downtown Chicago. True sadists both, they worked this guy over hard. – Steve Lake

Look at Him Shake

Watch the incredible chemistry between Mistress Noelle and Mistress Jaded for 54 minutes as they put submissive bull through his paces. Intricate rope bondage, nipple torment, hot wax, CBT and lots of soft feminine verbal domination throughout the film. So much double domination is applied that strong submissive bull gets quite shaky, to their amusement, although his stiff and bound cock stays hard the entire scene.

Mistress Noelle and Mistress Jaded introduce themselves and order you to your knees to clean the bottom of their shoes. They order submissive bull to crawl in and disrobe. His shirt is pulled over his head and Mistress Jaded pleadins to tie him up in what will be an intricate Shibari predicament rope bondage. Mistress Noelle occupies Herself by abusing his body and stiff cock.

As submissive bull gets completely immobilized by Mistress Jaded’s elegant rope bondage, Mistress Noelle has him clean the bottom of Her shoes and kicks his sides. The Ladies apply some manual nipple torment as the large submissive squeals for their amusement. Turning their attention to his cock, which Mistress Noelle has bound tightly, they continue to kick and beat him.

The large submissive is fully immobilized and spread wide for the two sadistic vixens. The sit down in front of him and Mistress Jaded puts Her 7” heels to work on his bound balls. Mistress Noelle joins in and soon he is howling with pain and they are howling with laughter. Mistress Jaded stands and lights a red candle as Mistress Noelle fetches the violet wand. The two Ladies proceed to apply their skills to the anxious male.

Mistress Noelle puts large and small clothespins all over submissive bull’s torso as Mistress Jaded completes the hot wax treatment of his huge balls and bound shaft. He starts shaking heavily, to their amusement. Mistress Noelle holds him down and Mistress Jaded punishes him manually and with Her 7” heels. Mistress Noelle then picks up the violet wand and applies electricity.

Mistress Noelle completes Her fun using the violet wand as Mistress Jaded applies nipple clamps to the already sore nipples of submissive bull. They tug and twist on them together and then Mistress Jaded ties the clamps to his legs and they pull his legs wider, accessing his cock to apply clothespins and stretching his nipples. The shake submissive is verbally humiliated and stomped as the Ladies sit on the bench and enjoy his discomfort.