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Ambers Dungeon – Members Update – ‘Irritating Little Bitch’

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It takes two to handle this irritating bitch for 53 minutes. His sassy mouth gets him some rough treatment and the only thing that can finally shut him up is a giant black dildo slammed down his throat. Mistress Kozmina teams with Mistress Monica to dominate slave cockwhore. Nipple torment, deep strap-on, lots of rough treatment and a rough handjob finishes him off and finally puts an end to his bitching

The little sassy slave is tied to a chair and Mistress Monica and Mistress Kozmina use their whipe and stillettos to make him sorry he has a wagging tongue. His nipples get clamped and his cock gets stomped as he struggles and whines. The more he bitches the harder they hit him. Moved to the end over the horse, Mistress Kozmina makes him suck a rubber cock as Mistress Monica binds his balls tight.

A spanking then a whipping for the slave tied over the horse. Mistress Monica from behind gives him a prostate massage as She lubes him up, while Her dark haired partner makes him lick and suck the bottoms of Her shiny black boots while seated in the front. Mistress Monica buries Her strap-on in up to the balls in his ass and his muffled cries are stifled with a black boot in his mouth. The little slut’s ass clenches and he squeals which only makes the sadistic Monica want to hurt him more as Her partner whips his back.

The sassy slave is bent over the horse and Mistress Monica fucks him hard and deep while Mistress Kozmina whips him. She climbs up on his back and the two kiss and laugh while he suffers beneath Mistress Kozmina’s weight. Mistress Monica pulls out and they attach clothespins and beat him while he squeals and jabbers. He gets his nuts tied tight and strung up to his neck while Mistress Kozmina goes after his sensitive nipples and Mistress Monica yanks on his puny cock and orders him to get it erect and shut up.

The slave is ordered to suck the thigh high black boots and lick the soles as Mistress Kozmina reclines and watches Her partner yanking on his pecker. Mistress Kozmina moves to sit by his feet and stretches Her long legs out so he can pop on Her boot bottoms but the slave is not ready so She goes to get a gigantic black dildo and forces it down his throat to shut him up while Mistress Monica savagely pulls on his cock. Finally he is ready to burst and She grabs the black cock and milks a big load out onto the head of the dildo. Mistress Kozmina laughs and takes the black rubber cock and jams it, and his big wad of cum, down his throat.