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Ambers Dungeon – ‘Filthy Animal’

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Filthy Animal

Mistress Monica shows Her filthy animal how She trains stupid beasts as She spends 50 minutes in domination. This animal gets his face smothered and has a dildo introduced his backside before being beaten with paddle, slapper and leather. She fastens Her strap-on on tight and moves behind him for more training before standing him upright for some ball kicking, violet wand and a brutal milking.

Gorgeous young Mistress Monica shows some high energy face sitting as She makes cum slut tosha Her tongue bitch. She grabs the slapper and reddens his tits as Her tight ass gyrates on his ugly face. Sitting full weight on him as he is strapped to the bondage chair, all he can do is twitch as She strikes him over and over with the slapper and demands faster tongue service. She turns and has a small orgasm before fetching a dildo to stuff up Her as he gaxes up and then allows him to lick clean.

As the cum slut lays fastened to the bench with the taste of Mistress Monica in his mouth, She grabs the long wooden paddle and begins to beat his ass. With his feet dangling in the air his backside is a perfect target and begins to redden. She releases him to bend over to take the leather strap and then moves in front of him to reward him with Her wet pussy in his face. Now She produces the wooden paddle to finish the assault on his ass before sticking a dildo up his ass and watching him dance as She shoves it in to the hilt.

Bent over, slut tosha feels Mistress Monica’s strap-on enter his backside and pushes back until it is fully buried. She fucks him hard for a while, grabbing the wooden paddle to reinforce Her dominance, She calls him a filthy animal and unloads on his ass. She pulls out and moves in front so She can humiliate him as She orders him to kiss the cock that just fucked his ass. She moves to grab the drilldo and stuffs the huge cock up his ass and pulls the trigger. He moans and jerks as the machine fucks him. The gun gets away from Her a few times and She laughs as it chattes in his ass. Next he is positioned for the start of some ball kicking.

Mistress Monica’s young strong legs are on display as She attaches nipple clamps to tosha and starts some ball busting. Her high heels flash as She gets the range and starts to feel the thrill of kicking a man in the balls. You can see She is new to the exercise but Her face lights up with delight when She catches him just right and his head snaps back in a scream. She kicks him quite a bit and then asks him if his balls can still produce a load of jism. She attaches the cock pump to be sure and then uses the violet wand on his balls as She starts to stroke him off.

Mistress Monica’s young strong hands knead and stroke his shaft as She finishes zapping his balls with the violet wand. She lubes him up and starts to milk him, moving a long plate in front of his cock and ordering him to beg permission to cum and he must empty onto the plate. He can take no more of Her kneading fingers as She grabs his balls and squeezes from behind and Her other hand squeezes, he begs for release. She commands him to empty and he shoots an enormous load onto the black plate. She continues to stroke his sensitive cock, laughing as he squirms. She shows the load to the viewer, tell them they will soon be Her cum sluts and then feeds the white poisen to the slave that She has just drained.