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All For You

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All For You

Mistress Severa binds the big submissives balls and strings them down to the spreadr bar holding his massive legs apart. She beats his ass with several spankers, taking some time out to torment his balls. His ass begins to turn a deep shade of red as She stands tall on Her high heeled boots and leans in to stroke as he moans through his ball gag.

Time to focus on the balls as Mistress Severa yanks and pulls and twists the tied and swollen orbs. She whips them with a short beaded whip as he screams into the ball gag and then gets down behind him and uses Her high heels and the soles of Her shiny black boots to grind and spank the back of his nuts. She resumes whipping his some more and then removes Her red bra and puts it over his face so he can smell Her sweat. She resumes tormenting his bound balls with Her hands in between the whipping.

Now fastened over the horse, the big submissive is subjected to the cane. Mistress Severa’s perfect natural breasts bobble as She masterfully strokes his ass, taking time to apply the short cane to the back of his already swollen nuts. She sits and removes Her high heeled boots and puts them on either side of his head as She moves behind and picsk up a thin red cane to continue punishing him. She climbs up on his back and beats his ass and the back of his balls as he groans and screams into the ball gag. She retrieves the heavy wooden cane for the finale in ass beating and gives it to him good. At the very end She lubes up Her strap-on.

The gorgeous, pantyhose clad Mistress Severa lubes up the big slave’s beaten ass and inserts Her cock. She loves humiliating males with Her rubber cock and drills him deep so She can feel his hole clench tight. She holds his leash and gets a good rhythm going as Her perky natural breasts bobble deliciously. She pulls out and moves in front of him to wave the dirty prick in his face and make him smell and attempt to kiss it around the ball gag jammed into his mouth. Next he is standing bound on his feet and it is time to torment his cock and balls. She fastens the clothespins on and applies a vibrator to him like a lab experiment.

Cock and ball torture with clothespins and a sound hand spanking are next up for the bound bastard. After his balls are devoid of the pins, Mistress Severa sticks several metal rods down his cock each one wider than the first. He moans and struggles as She grins and sadistically jams the rod in and out of his cock hole. If you love gorgeous sadistic females torturing cocks this one is for you!

The final fucking of his cock hole takes place with a vibrating metal rod. The tip is wide and Mistress Severa inserts the entire rod into the bound slave’s cock hole and fucks it fast. A beautiful site as the topless, model gorgeous sadistic female fucks his hole until She owns it. Now She wants to see if his cock still works so She releases his one hand and tells him to start stroking. He jerks it while She appears bored and disinterested, moving a black plate beneath his cock just before he shoots off for Her. She commands him to empty his balls and his giant load all finds the plate. She waits until he is completely done and then pours it down his throat and smiles.