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Mistress Jennifer – Members Update – ‘Kiss In Control’

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Kiss In Control

Check out 75 minutes of super sexy domination as Mistress Kiss puts cum slut tosha through his paces. A fast paced strap-on suck and fuck leads to some high heel worship and a slow sensuous teasing cock slave fuck before some forced pussy and breast worship, leaving the bound submissive crazed with desire. A bathroom break for Her and some standing spread eagled bondage for him follow. Electricity to the balls with some soft sucking to break his concentration and then he is fucked and milked out for distance.

Mistress Kiss, wearing a purple fishnet bodysuit, is wearing Her strap-on and give you some point –of-view instructions for sucking Her cock and playing with yours. Next, cum slut tosha is bent and ready for Her orders. He sucks Her cock deep and hard and then She fucks him up the ass. His tight ass gets drilled as She uses the swing leverage to penetrate deep.

Pulling out of cum slut tosha’s ass, Mistress Kiss whips him vigorously before reinserting Her rubber cock and resuming his fucking. She rakes his back with Her nails and whips him as She takes him from behind. Next, Mistress Kiss, now in high heels, stockings and garter belt, orders up some tongue cleaning of the bottom of Her shoes. She uses the slapper after Her shoes have been tongued clean to spank tosha’s cock for his efforts.

After soundly thrashing tosha’s cock shaft, Mistress Kiss slips a condom over it and teases him with Her gorgeous ass. She slips his cock in and uses Her cock slave for a good fucking. He flops out of Her without cumming and She turns on the chair and tantalizes him with some breast worship. The horny slave is then used to service Her pussy. She pulls him in and smothers him so that he cannot breathe, telling him She will kill him with  Her wet pussy.

The submissive has been hung from his heels and Mistress Kiss turns up the TENS unit until the metal conductor around his balls is causing him pain. She then beats his ass with a slapper and the leather straps, pausing every so often to up the voltage and increase the pain in his balls. Taking a bathroom break, Mistress Kiss allows cum slut to watch and clean Her front and back with Her tongue as Her toilet paper. She puts his head in the toilet and flushes. Next, Her cock slut is standing on cinder blocks suspended having his cock and balls whipped back in the dungeon.

With Her slut strung up spread eagled, Mistress Kiss uses the viper on his balls. This shoots electricity into Her slut and causes him intense pain. She does this in various positions and then, satisfied his balls have been thoroughly hurt, She starts sucking his cock while She continues to shock his balls. The more She shocks, the more he hurts but it is offset by Her warm wet mouth keeping his cock completely hard.

Mistress Kiss has cum slut tosha’s cock hard as a rock from sucking and shocking his balls. She turns and inserts his stiff cock into Her wet pussy and takes him deep for a sound fucking. She reaches beneath Her and shocks his balls some more as he is fucked. Satisfied, She turns and sucks his cock a bit more and informs him he must shoot a load of cum at least three feet. With Her black boot outstretched as a target, She proceeds to milk a huge load out of his cock. See ALL THE ACTION AT MISTRESS JENNIFER BY CLICKING HERE!